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MDS Admission in India

Master of Dental Surgery basically focus on oral and dental hygiene, anatomy, problems, cure, prevention, intervention,etc.It gives you in-depth knowledge of oral and dental health and hygiene. It also offers specialization related to Prosthodontics,Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics,etc.Dentist is responsible for preventing and controlling Dental diseases and promoting Dental health . They also study about the nature of oral diseases, their causes, processes and effects. It is associated with the clinical manifestation of oral diseases to the physiologic.This course offers several specializations and therefore, a candidate must be careful with his specialization in. India is a good career option for Dentists as many of them suffer from dental issues.

MDS Admission Process

Master of Dental Surgery that is MDS in order to take admission in this course you need to give an entrance exam.Colleges can conduct their different examination and can also rely upon the scores that candidate has scored in any all India entrance examinations. The admission process which is purely based on the entrance takes place both at state level as well as national level depending upon the consideration and rules of any college.The candidate after the entrance exam with valid score have to choose their choice of colleges at the time of counselling.

MDS Eligibility Criteria

The candidates who are preparing for the entrance exam of Master's of Dental Surgery must be well aware of the eligibility criteria of the same which would make them aware. Here are some of the criteria mentioned below:

• The candidate must have done Bachelor of Dental Science from an MCI affiliated and recognized   Dental college of India.
• He must have scored at least 50% marks in aggregate.
• All those candidates are also eligible who have done 2 year long PG Diploma in Dental Surgery as it   is recognized by the organisation known as the Dental Council of India
• Some colleges demand a one year internship after finishing the BDS for MDS like Manipal College of   Dental Science.

Master of Dental Surgery: What is it About?

Dental Science is a specialized section of medical science. Master of Dental Surgery is a dedicated course of specialized study.

• It concentrates on oral and dental hygiene, anatomy, problems, cure, prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation.
• The course is curated emphasizing the in-depth knowledge of the detailed topics related to oral and dental health and hygiene extensively.
• In a country like India where oral problems and ailments are a constant matter of concern, higher studies in dentistry is clearly a good career choice. It involves the population and public health aspects as well as children.
• This vast field of study involves several specializations due to the elaborate nature of the study.
• Candidates must choose from the list of specializations according to their choice. He or she will be progressing his or her future study on this specialization only

Why Study Master of Dental Surgery?

Master of Dental Surgery is the final level of professional study that involves gaining professional knowledge and skills that are important for the medical branch of dentistry.

• Aspirants get in-depth knowledge as well as hands-on experience in solving real-life medical problems associated with oral and dental ailments through various specializations.
• This is a vast field of study, so to start your career as an expert on this topic, a student needs to achieve professional proficiency by undergoing laboratory training, OPD duties, internship, practical classes, seminars, lectures, etc.
• Candidates, who wish to build a career in the medical field of dental and oral specialty, should pursue this course to be affiliated as an expert.
• At the final examination, students have to sit for a written test, submit a thesis, clear practical exams, and give a viva-voce.
• After completion of the study, candidates get to start their career as the experts in Dental Surgery, with specialization of their choice.
• Job opportunities like Dental Surgeon, Dental Hygienist, Academic Lecturer, Clinical Research Scientist, General Practitioner are the most popular options available for an Master of Dental Surgery candidate.
• In the future, Ph.D. in Dental Surgery is a promising step for MDS candidates. It will help in increasing the value and the extent of career prospects to a great extent.

Master of Dental Surgery: Admission Process

Admission to the master’s degree program of Dental Surgery is purely based on entrance examinations.

• Colleges can conduct different examinations or can rely upon the scores achieved in any all India entrance examinations.
• Entrance examinations can be of either state or national level depending upon the consideration and rules of any college.
• After securing a valid mark or score, you will have to choose their choice of colleges at the time of counseling.

MDS Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for admission to the MDS course are as follows:

• Have passed Bachelor of Dental Science from an MCI affiliated and recognized Dental college of India.
• Have scored a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.
• Candidates with a 2 year long PG Diploma in Dental Surgery, as recognized by the Dental Council of India, are also eligible to apply for this course.
• As additional criteria, colleges like Manipal College of Dental Science also demand a one-year internship after successful completion of BDS as their prerequisite to admission in the Master of Dental Surgery course.

MDS Entrance Exams

Colleges, Universities, or national agencies conduct entrance examinations for admission in Masters in Dental Surgery.

NEET MDS is an all India entrance examination held for admission to the MDS course across India. For the year of 2023, the NEET MDS dates are yet to be declared.

MDS Colleges State-wise list

How to Prepare for MDS Entrance Exams?

The entrance examination is conducted in centers all over India. To prepare for this entrance examination, you must start preparing at least 1.5 years ahead.

• The syllabus will be of Bachelor of Dental Sciences standard. The syllabus consists of topics like: Orthodontics, Oral anatomy, Pedodontics, Oral medicine and Radiology, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral pathology, Pharmacology, Public health, Human anatomy, Human physiology, Dental materials, Oral surgery, Conservative Dentistry.
• The above-mentioned entrance exams would include 200 multiple-choice questions.
• Each question is of 1 mark. There are negative markings in this examination.
• The duration of the examination is 2.5-3 hours.

MDS Syllabus

The syllabus of MDS is mentioned in a tabulated form:

Didactic Lectures : Joint Clinical Meetings with Allied Specialities
Seminars : Weekly Journal Clubs
Demonstrations : Submission related to the Dissertation Thesis, Models, Radiographs and Photographs
Laboratory : The students will be going to attain patients in
Techniques : the clinics under the supervision of teachers Clinical Case : The students will be going to operate the
Conference : laboratory work for the patients in order to give them treatment under the supervision of teachers.
Structured Lecture : Training in Methodology of Teaching – This would
Programs : help all the candidates to learn about the methodology of teaching and will be encouraged to teach undergraduate students.


Ans. MDS colleges like Indian medical colleges and universities do not provide
the campus placements but there is innumerable demand for the talented
doctors. So, they could apply anywhere whatever suits their choice.

Ans. Some of the popular specialisation are as follows:
– Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
– Conservative Dentistry
– Public Health
– Oral Pathology
– Microbiology etc.

Ans. All the colleges do provide hostel facilities. Girls and boys hostels are
separated and at a distance. They get this facility on a sharing basis as well
as distance from their homes. First priority is always provided to the outstation

Ans. There is no permanent number as it depends on each college. But normally
each college does provide at least 50 seats for taking admission in MDS.

Ans. The duration of the exam is for 3 hours with 240 questions of MCQ type.You
will get 4 marks for every correct answer and marks would be deducted for
every incorrect answer.

Ans. The candidate must have achieved at least 50 % of marks in his BDS so
that it could make it easier to get an admission in MDS.

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